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Sebastian Hardie Music is an online direct to customer service. Note: Sebastian Hardie Music excepts PayPal payments, Direct Deposit/Transfer and Cheques. You can use your credit card without being a PayPal member.

1. Follow the links to our 'Online shop' to select your products.

2. Click the green 'Add to cart'.

2. Next step is to proceed to checkout. You can also select 'Show cart' from the right hand side shopping cart menu.

You now have the option to register as a customer which includes your standard username, password, contact and delivery details. If you are already a customer just enter your username and password. If you do not want to register then just provide your customer information and select 'Checkout as guest'.

3. Check through each item in your Cart to confirm your product selection, customer information, delivery details, payment option, and shipping methods before selecting the 'Complete order' button. After completing your order select 'Confirm order' to finalise your purchase.

4. If you are paying by PayPal (or Credit Card) you will automatically proceed to the PayPal secure website, once the order is complete. You can now use your credit card (select pay with credit card link) or you can sign in if you are a PayPal member and choose your preferred PayPal payment method.

As soon as payment is made PayPal will notify Sebastian Hardie Music and we will send you the containers in 7(metro) to 14(country) days.

Repeat purchases require you to start shopping, make your selection and log in when required as you check out. It's that simple.

Thanks for shopping!

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