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Hard copies of Blueprint cd's are currently out of stock...Blueprint, along with Four Moments and Windchase are available on iTunes.

Farewell dear friend...

With Jon's sad and unexpected death our memories take us back to those early years when we met at Cabramatta High School  in the sixties where we forged a lifelong friendship and our musical careers began. Influenced by the music of the sixties, likeminded we practised and played in any garage, school dance or local pub we could. Read more

New album Blueprint

Blueprint... why Blueprint ?... After going their seperate ways in the late ’70’s Sebastian Hardie were asked to reform and perform a one off show at Progfest ’94 in Los Angeles. The show was recorded and the cd 'Live in L. A'. was released.

In July 2003 the band reformed for a concert tour in Japan and later that year were special guests at the Yes concerts in Sydney and Melbourne.

After the concerts in Japan and the shows with Yes the enthusiasm was there to record another album and continue with live performances,... however, getting together to write, rehearse and record new material came with its own set of logistical setbacks. Drummer Alex Plavsic was living and working 1000 kilometers away in Queensland while the other members were in Sydney with their own personal and work commitments. Hence, there were extremely limited opportunities to get together... rehearsing and recording new material in short bursts... then several weeks or months before everyone could meet again.

However, the desire to play and record prevailed, so the band started putting together material for a new cd. The plan was to record a number of new tracks, perform live, where the material would take its final form, then return to the studio to complete the recording. These original recordings would be the blueprint for a new cd.

Extremely pleased with these recordings and with time slipping by far too quickly, it was decided to take the tracks to the studio for mixing and mastering and what followed are six new pieces and the cd BLUEPRINT.



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